The one role of Government is to provide a just and safe society. Part two.

Second rule of survival:

Why in a just and fair society are there homeless people? No one should be homeless. If you washed up on a desert island you hopefully would not to worry about the first rule [unless it was a volcanic island] and shelter would be crucial to survival so why are people sleeping rough, on peoples sofa, or in their cars? The answer lies in the continuous bad planning and strategies adopted by our government and local authority. Again, this has been exacerbated by the EU with the freedom of movement the fundamental rule of the EU which could and is destabilising England with 600,000 migrants in the past year and no way to stop it. How can a well thought out strategy deal with that? It cannot. The issue is simple to resolve, withdraw from the EU and as an emergency measure repeal the European Communities Act 1972, or better still repeal the Article of Union between England and Scotland 1707.

Why does this affect shelter or homelessness? There are 20 million unemployed in Europe and a population of 495 million [This is a fact taken from Eurostat the EU’s own statistical web site]. Economic migrants flock here and normally reside in England. The English are not being given a fair chance for housing, one local rule that eliminates a potential applicant is whether they are intentionally homeless, so is migrating intentionally homeless? They had and have homes in the country of domicile. The fundamental problem with the EU is the fundamentals of the EU one of which is “free movement”. We can never change that, ever! The problem will only ever get worse not better. Unless, the country is destroyed and migrants leave. Is that the real purpose of the EU? Remember, that when the EU treaties were signed without our consent [no referendum] there were only 9 EU nations Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The iron curtain engulfed the East European states. Once the old USSR nations became members they quickly migrated to prosperous nations and caused issues for Spain where hundreds of thousands of Romanians settled, this is all fact. There are now 28 member states most of which are poor.

How does this affect shelter? How can anyone plan for migration on this level and how can anyone provide jobs for all these people? They can’t. Which is why it must stop and why the English should be put first.

This and previous governments have failed you. They have assisted in pushing through the EU agenda without asking us. The British Establishment has failed us and why I shall never trust them again. Ever! There is an answer, leave the EU and become England again, not British. English.