The one role of Government is to provide a just and safe society. Part four.

The fourth rule is food.

So why are people not eating?  I am ashamed to say it is true.

Unless we get the basics right, it can never be termed a just and safe society.  The government has failed us again.  The way we live now we cannot grow our own [easily].  Why? Because the corporations with help from the governments have killed off our shop keepers that used to provide us with quality food.  The EU has killed off our farmers and producers including and by no means least of which our fisheries.

Why did the government allow this to happen and allow the communities to provide food for the destitute [foodbanks]? Why have we not got a solid and encompassing overall strategy that caters for the basics needs within our society?

Because we as the electorate allowed them to enslave us, instead of being our servants with a clear set of rules, they were allowed to turn this Country into a nation of slaves and become our masters.  That is what we are, slaves to a system, reduced to begging for food.

We need our own solid all encompassing strategy for the 21st Century and it is NOT the EU, it is England and building a free and just society that we all believe in regardless of colour or race.

We need to remove these parasitical politicians that have grossly failed us and start again. But never look back in anger, only look forward with hope for a bright future as ENGLAND and for England.

How to create this just society is spelled out in “One Country, two systems” and is how one day, we can be the Country of dreams.