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The one role of Government is to provide a just and safe society, the role of local government is to assist. But how? Part one.

This is a lengthy subject but one I am passionate about else I would not be standing as a candidate.  I hear more and more people saying that we need change.  We do!  We need to start again.

The first rule of survival is air, second is shelter, third is water, fourth is food.  If any of these are compromised by a government or local government your chances of survival are very poor.

It may not surprise you to know that the first is crucial, its obvious, but yet we are failed on a daily basis by our government.  The noxious and toxic chemicals are in the air that we breath every day and to me that is a crucial failure and one that can be put right.  Did you know that this problem was exacerbated by the EU?  The EU in measures to combat CO2 emissions allowed and promoted diesel cars to such an extent that London is now the most dangerous place in the world for NO2 and other chemicals from diesel cars.  DEADLY. A failure of our government, local government and they were virtually powerless, why? The EU Treaties, Articles and Directives.  Thats a fact!

London’s Dirty Secret: Pollution Worse Than Beijing’s. 


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