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English Democrats – “Putting England First”

England as a Country has a population of 53m people and 51 Cities.  Its GDP on its own is 85% of the UK GDP the other 15% split between Scotland, Wales and NI.  Why don’t we have an English Parliament?  Westminster is not England’s Parliament it is   Britain’s and I for one am not British, I am English.

The benefit of having our own parliament and being a Nation in our own right again will be a fresh new start.  Starting with our over complicated tax system.  Positive non-interventionism is the way forward proved not only in the past 70 years but in the current world.  One Country adopted this with great enthusiasm, China, the Chinese economy still blowing flames from the dragons mouth and no more so than Hong Kong.

Why start with the tax system? Well, thats where the money is, in the wrong hands!  The only people that can create the wealth are Businesses not Governments.  Governments can help create value in society, but not wealth.  Employment by the state is not creating wealth it creates a liability on the state.

The Hong Kong tax system is British (English actually) and derives from the period when our Country was at its most entrepreneurial and productive, 1803 – 1909.  The Ordinance system of tax was a simplified version of the Income tax act 1803 – 1909 and implemented in 1940.  It has stood the test of time and made the people of Hong Kong a very wealthy people.  In fact, it is such a good system the Chinese kept it.

Whats so good about it?  It is only 200 pages for a start compared to our ridiculous 11500 pages.  There are only three taxes imposed and no requirement for VAT or a Sales tax whatsoever.

You can create the jobs needed in manufacturing and Industry, you can reinvigorate our economy, even push it to number 1 spot as an economic power house.  But, you first need a reliable, proven tax system.  What we have is a broken society due to the states excess.  People need the dignity of work and to create that work a tax system that rewards success.  Unfortunately you will never get this system unless a forward thinking political party is elected.  English Democrats.  Remember – from acorns – we get the Oak Tree

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