SE Mini Manifesto

The English Democrats are the only party putting the interests of the vast majority of the UK’s people first – the 84% who live and work in England.

We oppose mass, uncontrolled immigration to England (which accommodates over 90% of immigrants) and campaign for an effective points system based on the Australian and Canadian models.

We wish to maintain English Law in England and resist all attempt to move to Sharia Law.

England needs a stable and sustainable population, not an ever-increasing one.

English Democrats favour a market economy but not an unrestrained market economy. A healthy economy is a mixed economy. Our manufacturing sector should be expanded in order to halt the trend towards an over-reliance on service industries. We campaign for English jobs for English workers, and for more effective education in furtherance of this.

We regard the supply of food as a security matter, and favour greatly increased support for farmers. Moreover, what remains of our beautiful countryside is part of our culture and heritage and, equally important, a calming escape from our sprawling cities and urban areas. It should enjoy the care and protection of the State and not be viewed by ministers as just another asset which can be developed, in cavalier fashion for short term economic gain, to the detriment of people, landscape, wildlife and farming.

The English Democrats have long campaigned for an English Parliament and now seek independence for England as a means of achieving this goal. Scotland is free to hold a referendum on separation from England, and England should be no less free to hold her own referendum on this subject.

The English Democrats share the public concerns as to the harm caused to our society by political correctness. We unreservedly reject the self-righteousness of political correctness and condemn the ideology as an evil; its purpose is to stifle debate and is thus incompatible with free speech and a democratic society.

I’m English, NOT British, NOT European !


Graham Moore is the candidate for the English Democrats. He is 51 years old, married, and has two children.

Graham said:
“I believe in promoting our English traditions of democracy and freedom of speech and opposing the twisted ideology of political correctness which continues to have such a corrosive effect throughout our society.
“Only the English Democrats stand up for these fundamental values.”
The English Democrats will appear on the ballot paper in South East England with the description; ‘English Democrats – “Putting England First”.
Their policies include withdrawing from the European Union, halting mass immigration, and campaigning for English Independence and a fair deal for England in the face of preferential treatment for the other nations of the United Kingdom. The party also campaigns for ‘English jobs for English workers’ and against the spread Sharia Law in England, arguing that English law should apply to everyone in England and everyone should be equal under the law.