The unelected EU commission, Syria and the Qatar/Iran Gas pipe

The unelected EU commission, Syria and the Qatar/Iran Gas pipe

Assad’s chosen career was a medical doctor and surgeon who came to England to work in a London Hospital he met his English wife in London. His father died, his Brother took over and then died in a car accident. He was then drafted into the position. He returned to Syria married his English sweetheart and they were to modernise the “secular” state. His wife “Emma” is an educated Lady and has a computer science degree from London. Not the background of a Tyrant.

Iran who owns 300 Trillion cubic feet of Gas on the other side of the Persian Gulf to Qatar were consulted on supplying Gas and agreed in principle to supply the gas to Turkey and the EU. (I wondered why they were cuddled up to them). They decided to take the Gas through Georgia, guess what happened, Russia said NO and moved troops in 2008.

In 2009, Russia switched off the Gas to Ukraine (there was a dispute with Ukraine who were taking Russian gas and Money) whom via a Gas pipe was supplying Germany, France, and most of Eastern Europe including Greece via this route. Oh, I forgot and Turkey. This caused a major issue for the unelected EU commission, Eastern Europe and Turkey. It caused no issues for Great Britain as we 1. Have our own Gas 2. Are supplied via Norway 3. Have an agreement with Russia via a different routed pipeline. What has this to do with Syria?

Well, Qatar has the largest Gas reserves in the world 900 TRILLION cubic feet Yes 900 Trillion, but here is the catch, no pipeline. So the unelected EU commission, USA (administration) and Turkish politicians had a deal with Qatar to provide pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and TURKEY (by the way through Kurdish Turkey). Putin and Assad said NO to the pipeline. Then and only then was the plan hatched for “regime change”!

So yes, the unelected EU commission are responsible for the refugees, not the West, the West implies the people knew or know, they didn’t and don’t. The British establishment and the elite politicians (via a corrupt voting system in which 76% of the “electorate”  did not vote for the Government) are supporting this via our contributions to the unelected EU commission, yet “we the people” have no say on what is going on. We cannot withdraw from this unelected EU commissions energy crisis or their lack of foresight and dangerous foreign policy. Unless we leave.

Why is the USA (administration) involved? They did not want to give Russia $ foreign exchange which is the payment currency in Gas/Oil. Russia has already “invented” money $ and created billionaires via the corrupt western banking system, which is why, Russia has been removed from the Visa system. It is a bit like the BCCI scandal. So, Putin is simply being a capitalist and applying the rules of supply and demand. The unelected EU commission, not Putin, created ISIS and the “rebels” so who is to blame? The people did not want this war the unelected EU commission and politicians did over a Gas pipe.