Putting England First is not racist, there is no shame in loving your Country.

Infographic of the proposed economic strategy for the 21st Century.

Infographic of the proposed economic strategy for the 21st Century.

The economic challenge that this country faces for this century can only be solved with complete independence from the European Union, whether that means a devolved system of government for the United Kingdom is for debate and I support a devolved system.  An unfairness to the working people that have contributed to this country not just in taxes but in their personal sacrifice, during war, strikes, vocational occupations and the much more recent mass immigration and religious partition.

There are four main issues that have caused an unstable economy and a very distinct disillusionment of the electorate and social injustice.

Far left Marxist, Socialist, and Communist ideologies.

Far right Fascism.

Capitalists ideology.

Commercial banks creating money.

The problem has been that the left have always extended state employment, then those that work in that employment are taxed, the government then say we are increasing employment and revenue. The revenue is simply recycling tax. With this state creation of jobs comes inefficiency, the job creation is real, some jobs should not exist as they add complexity which causes inefficiency, a vicious circle. But this is no different to welfare for work. There is no product to be sold at a profit but there is a value.

The private sector pay “real tax” created from a real product or service, Business sold internally or globally for profit. That is not slur on the value created by the public sector. They are equally as important to England.

These are two issues that until now have fought against each other as adversaries. This is fundamentally wrong, there is a way in which both coexist with mutual benefit to society.

The EU has taken billions of our money and seek to devalue Britain and England. They seek the destruction of the NHS and this Country by rapid low skilled immigration. They seek to the destruction of England through loss of identity.

The basis of the NHS and Education is that they are vocational, those that work within these institutions do so, not to become rich, but a selfless conviction to help people, either to educate or look after the unwell. Their selflessness must not become a source of profit for the selfish. MPs used to become MPs as a selfless vocation, now by and large they are selfish profiteers.

Since 1998 till 2008 this country lost £160 billion to fraudsters attacking the VAT system. This is just one type of fraud MTIC, there are many others that are not within our control and are just as fiscally damaging. This country has wasted £350 billion on QE inflating corporate profits and shares, and banks balance sheets.

In the 1930’s Roosevelt gave men money and told them to spend it to give a man a Job.

(2011). Harry Hopkins and work relief. Retrieved [date accessed]  from http://www.socialwelfarehistory.com/eras/harry-hopkins-and-work-relief-during-the-great-depression/.

Education, NHS, Welfare and Pensions create value, Business and innovation create wealth, we need both. Left and Right ideologies don’t work.

This is a two-part solution running concurrent.

Firstly, You need to look at the NHS, Education, Welfare, Pensions as a “social value” that is worth a great deal more than profit to those who use it, work for it and have been sold it as their right. The “product” is “social value, cohesion and contentment” (Goodwill); the “product” is who we are. It forms part of our national identity. It’s the reason people die trying to get here. Our true value of society has cost many people their lives trying to get here. The national debt stands at £1.6 trillion, but it is not really a national debt [in the new system], it is produced by adhering to our national identity as a society that has been valued at £7.3 trillion. It should not be viewed as a debt that has to be paid back, but it must be valued both emotionally and monetarily as goodwill for “security”.

This cannot be sold or purchased outside of this country, as it is the very fabric of our identity. Those in these social vocations should not be taxed at all as it is an administrative cost and waste of money and time. It’s in effect tax-paying tax. Nonsense. These people should be respected and valued as highly as we value anyone else in society. We must “create” a two-tier payment system in this country. 1. EDP (English Democratic pound), which pays the salaries and costs of these institutions. But they must be managed correctly, without the £7 billion a year in NHS fraud at the moment. This will need the Bank of England to create this money paid directly to these people and services, NOT a commercial bank. It takes the Bradbury Pound of the Second World War and the Bristol pound of today to national level. Welfare is paid in EDP, staff are paid in EDP, NHS is paid via EDP and electronic money is raised to pay for it. It is spent in the same way as the £sterling, it shows in your bank as £sterling, It is “created” separately from any other form of “money creation”. In December of 2014 for the first time in 170 years “money creation” was debated in the house of commons. Only 30 MPs turned up to such a monumental occasion and all admitted they did not know that only 3% of money is created by the Bank of England the rest is “invented” at will by private banks, as debt.

The key to this problem lies with understanding that our society and our identity have a “value”, it is not profit, it is well-being and security, it has a value. Paid for by a “separate system” and managed by the Bank of England not politicians [management by non politicians but professionals is crucial].

The so-called debt is not a hindrance on our children that will hold them in fiscal shackles but a gift of a “just society” created by vocational tolerance and kindness. The same gift that was given to us by our forefathers, the NHS, Education, Pensions and welfare “safety net” cradle to grave.

The security (Bank security in the form of value) for this “value creation” is a “just society” where people want to live here and help with that creation.

This value is of no interest or “business” of anyone outside of England and is more commonly known as “goodwill”. We the people of England who support this “value” create the goodwill and the Identity of being English. In effect England will be seen as Location, Location, Location as a value. Only the people of England through its values can create that, the feeling of Identity are enhanced by this. English history and culture is all part of that value and Identity.  If this country had no value, people would not cross continents and die trying to get here. Location, Location, Location.

Those in our NHS, Education system should be given there full salary, no tax, some people will see this as a pay rise. It will feel like that. We are just giving them what they are worth.


The NATIONAL health service vocational employees and their recreational establishments will be exempt from duty on alcohol, Tabaco, motor vehicles import duty, fuel duties and any duty that is a tax.   That is to say, they are exempt from any form of fiscal duty or tax.

State Education

The “State Education” vocational employees and their recreational establishments will be exempt from duty on alcohol, Tabaco, motor vehicles import duty, fuel duties and any duty that is a tax.   That is to say, they are exempt from any form of fiscal duty or tax.

Secondly, This is as crucial as the first and so simple to implement.  The key to wealth creation to a light tax system that is simple and brings back the village post office.

Introduce the Hong Kong tax system without modification, which is 200 pages vs our current 11500 pages of nonsense.


No Inheritance tax

No Tax on success

No Bureaucracy

A tax system that is so good it has hardly changed in 90 years, taken from extracts of the British income tax act 1803 – 1909 referred to as the Addington act. The ordinance revenue was introduced to Hong Kong to provide funding for the basic infrastructure of a trading out post. It has never had a major recession and has had embarrassing reserves, $458 billion in 1997/98 with revenues exceeding government spending by 40%. They have had to reduce tax on occasions, reserves that produce revenue streams from interest. By 1997 the “tax system” was protected by Business and the people of Hong Kong had become on average some of the richest in the world. Sound to good to be true, it is true.

It must be plausible therefore that a British tax system, that is in effect operated for Business must be adopted in England. Prosperity and Stability is the by product of the Hong Kong tax system.

They are not allowed by law to run a deficit. The tax is governed by Business not government and is created in a way that you cannot raise tax levels. It is NOT a flat rate; it is often referred to as a flat rate. It is progressive and proportionate to a maximum of 15%. 66% of the population pay no tax at all, 1% pay at a rate of 15% everyone in between pay at staged rates once the allowances are taken into consideration. It has 200 years of British case law to back it up. It is so simple everybody pays. Its tax allowances are family and extended family orientated, with health, education, children and mortgage interest all tax deductible. Its so good, the Chinese have kept it unchanged as the SAR (Special Administrative region) in fact, the Chinese have a similar tax system. The Industrial revolution brought us many years of prosperity as we were taxed lightly or not at all. The 18th and 19th Centuries were productive and innovative, the 20th century was tax, tax, tax, lets make the 21st century the peoples century, fair for all, not just the few.

This puts job creation in to the Businessman’s hands NOT the state. They know, and the markets know, where and how to invest their profits. That’s what they do, Business. Small Businesses should be nurtured and planning and free parking brought back to high streets with either below ground or above ground multi story car parks.

There should be a living wage not a minimum wage and not it must be Business that set this, not statute. The living wage is decided by the free market in that area, as prosperity is created, the wages increase. This is £ Pound Sterling. If Businesses do not pay the going rate, the rate at which people can live, that Business will fail and fail it should. If it cannot pay a living age, it is not a real Business. Long-term employment is from security the Business gets from knowing the tax rate now and in the future will never be over 15%.

The tax from this is invested in police (the police should be accountable to Business and local people, not the state), roads, and infrastructure for Business to grow. Investment would flood into England, as it will be the place most favourable to Business.

Excess revenue could buy gold or oil for the country.

The management of this tax is for a panel of Business people with an emphasise on small Businesses and the Bank of England not for politicians. In the same way as our interest rates are now set by the bank for the good of the economy not “party gain”.


Innovation is key to any Country, this will flourish in a low tax environment.

Innovation for green technologies: The tax will be reduced further for Businesses that focus on scalable non carbon emitting sources of energy that contribute to England meeting its Energy security requirements.

The focus must be on sound common sense Business values and engineering skills. SolarPV panels must be complemented with a low tech, reliable storage medium such as Grid Batteries, which can be scaled down in size as well as up.

Solar thermal, which store heat and reduce heating and hot water costs of Business and Residential.

LED or Induction Lights to be considered as standard and quality long life.

Insulation to a standard that can be easily afforded and is simple to install and fit. This includes hemp based insulation which is completely natural.

No large scale renewable energy schemes unless proper consultation with local people and they must have a Grid Storage system with a loss of energy no greater than 5% in total.

The electrification of the road and motorway system with a simple and scalable solution that powers the vehicles whilst in motion and while stationary. Yes, it could exist. As per the CEO of MIT-inspired WiTricity, Eric Giler and Teslar electric cars, all that is needed is the will to do it. Think of “scalextric” cars powered from above instead of slots in the track i.e powered by WiTricity street lighting to a receptor on the roof.

Further consideration of tax relief for companies that provide areas with no mains gas or electricity with a workable, cost efficient solution.

Further areas of innovation in nano technology, health, drugs, computer network and storage, this list is not definitive any innovation that produces wealth or value.

Money yesterday and Money today.  The Bank of England was created by The Bank of England 1694 banking act The pound no longer gives you a pound of sterling silver.  The pound is no longer part of the gold standard. If it were, gold would be approximately $13000 an ounce.  Counterfeiting, if you counterfeit money you get 15 years, yet electronic money any one can produce.  Deposits, It used to be the case that loans were against deposits, not any more.

Where money comes from

How Banks Create Money

From the time when the Bank of England was formed in 1694, it took over 300 years for banks to create the first trillion pounds. It took them only 8 years to create the second trillion.  The “monetary control” that banks and the few that control them have, has controlled the masses.

Rothchild (father of the world banking system) said (paraphrased) “I care not who makes the laws as long as I control the money”.


Iceland’s banks created so much money that they broke the country. Or did they? Icelandic people simply took control, sacked the prime minister, jailed the bankers responsible for the creating the problem and told Gordon Brown he was not welcome in Iceland. They wrote off the “debt” as such.  We are not writing of debt, merely creating money for what we think creates “value” for England.  Why has the system been exposed? Computers and Networks caused a mass of self education and created the digital economy.

Don’t take my word for it!  Sir Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England from 2003-2013, recently explained this point to a conference of businesspeople: “When banks extend loans to their customers, they create money by crediting their customers’ accounts.” And Martin Wolf, who was a member of the Independent Commission on Banking, put it bluntly, saying in the Financial Times that: “the essence of the contemporary monetary system is the creation of money, out of nothing, by private banks’ often foolish lending”  The laws that make it illegal for you to print your own £5 or £10 notes have been in place since 1844. But these laws have never been updated to account for the fact that 97% of money is now digital.  The way that money is taught in universities is often very inaccurate. These papers and sources from central bankers and other experts show how the system really works. This is why economists and government advisers get it so VERY wrong.

Proposed: Not yet policy but it can be with your support

The English Democratic Party pledge. The complete removal from the private sector and full “people protection” to be awarded by referendum and written into our constitution, the NHS cannot be privatised.

“English Democratic Party promise, upon successful referendum, to write into the constitution of England that the NHS, Education, Welfare including Pensions, the NHS cannot be “charged for” at any time now or in the future or privatised, that these services are a basic human “right” of every citizen of England, as long as they remain a citizen of England and hold only English citizenship and swear allegiance to England and English values, that no man, woman, person, legal entity, authority, parliament, Lords or realm can deny us this right in England. Both parts of this economic plan need to enact under common law and statute. This binding promise cannot be repealed unless a full constitutional referendum “specifically” on this subject and service is in favour of repeal.”


“English Democratic Party promise, upon successful referendum, to write into the constitution of England that money creation now or in the future, cannot be created by any commercial bank or private bank. Both parts of this economic plan need to enact under common law and statute. This binding promise cannot be repealed unless a full constitutional referendum “specifically” on this subject and service is in favour of repeal.”

The creation of “societies value bond” as security to the Bank of England”