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Absolute rubbish: “No evidence of wilful professional neglect by police and Social workers”

So these people are completely incompetent at the very least. How can anyone seek to defend these people who are there to protect children? This report is a whitewash as it sits in Cameron’s back yard.

We have in effect the Taliban in our Country, we sent troops to Afghanistan to fight them and they are here in OUR Country.

It is clear after Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and other towns and Cities we have a very serious problem that our politically elite with their politically correct rhetoric cannot solve. We can solve it, but you need to solve it with full use of our current laws without “fear or favour”.

Alp Mehmet, of MigrationWatch, said: “When you look at the consequences of this kind of change long term the public will be dismayed and will be worried. This has happened as a direct result of Labour’s policy of mass migration which was foisted upon the country without any thought for the future effects.”

London’s 3.7 million white Britons were already a minority – 44.9 per cent of the population – and researchers said the same could be true in Birmingham within seven years.

Analysts said the same will be true of the country’s second city, Birmingham, by the end of the decade.

The white British proportion is officially below 50 per cent in Leicester, Luton and Slough.

Quotes from http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/370013/White-Britons-are-now-a-minority-in-4-towns-and-cities

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