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The British Establishment did not have the right to give away our rights within our own Country. They did not have the right to sign away our futures with self-amending and self-appending treaties of `Europe. No one was told the truth about European Communities Act 1972 [Common Market] and the real purpose of the Act, to give consent to foreign rule.

My belief that we need to repeal the “Union with England Act 1707” and start again stems from my feelings that this act has outlived its original intentions and is the basis from which England has progressively lost its Identity and that the custodians of this Union abused their powers and positions to hand English sovereignty and its ability to make its own laws for English people to a foreign power. This negative destruction of the English Identity is evident all over England and has increased at horrendous speed over the last 30 years.

This is in no way an anti European stance. It is simply taking back what belongs to the people of England. Common law under the Magna Carta is the basis of the way we are governed and laws are made.

We do not need or want to be governed by a foreign power we are a nation of 53m people , with 51 Cities, with our own views. We can plan and control our own infrastructure, Hospitals, immigration and tax laws that are acceptable to all, not just the few with ideologies that we do not share or proscribe too. We can have a system of government that we in England have control of, with a Parliament for the English. A Modern Parliament for the 21st Century where modern communications methods are deployed for voting, debate and immediate issues can be resolved by immediate secure voting where we have a say, a more modern and democratic election process similar or the same as New Zealand’s parliament where true representation of the people exists.

A parliament in England and its location to be Central to the population masses of the people it serves, Not London, as part of the reforms I believe we need an English Parliament that should be away from the old heartless British Establishment that has proved its disloyalty to the people of England.

If this Union is repealed and dissolved all powers that were vested to the European Union, taxes imposed and all European Treaties, Articles and Directives would cease to exist. English Common law would prevail again and true liberty restored.

We would once again have FREEDOM, we would be FREE.

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