English Identity Census 2011

Did you know that the Census 2011 included a National Identity box that included solely English for the first time? Over 70% of people in England ticked this box.  i.e Not British, British/English Just the English box. Did you know that England is the oldest sovereign Country in Europe? Did you know we are the only Country in Europe without its own parliament? That is so very wrong, Scotland has its own Parliament, Wales and NI assemblies but the English with a population of 53 Million people and 70% Identify themselves as English have no formal parliament.

Do you ever watch TV and the House of Commons and wonder what on earth they are doing walking in an out voting, shouting and making silly noises?  The English Democrats want a parliament for the 21st Century, electronic voting, state of the art communications directly at the hands of the voters and Parliament.

The Scots should have Independence and self rule, the English Democrats completely agree.  So should we.