English Democrats – 2015/16 National Counci

English Democrats – 2015/16 National Council

The English Democrats National Council met in Leicester for the first National Council meeting of the 2015/16 Political Year.
The meeting began with confirmation of the Co-options to the National Council, welcoming for 2015/16 the following National Council Members, Bridget Vickers (English Voice Editor), Graham Moore (Twitter Director), Therese Hirst (Policy Chairman & Social Events Director), and David Allen (Yorkshire Area Chairman).
The most significant business of the meeting was to make the annual appointments of the Party Officers as detailed below this article.
David Allen (Yorkshire) is welcomed to the National Council, following the retirement of Ian Sutton due to ill health from the National Council. Thanks were given to Ian Sutton for his work for the English Democrats over the past 3 years in Yorkshire.
The New English Democrats Web-site was also approved for launch, following many hours of hard work by Communications Director Stephen Morris.
Steve Uncles, also presented the May 2016 Election Strategy for the English Democrats, where the main focus continues to be on Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Area Council, will shortly be up and running to focus on the 2016 Police Commissioner Elections in North, West and South Yorkshire.
Jenny Knight the new EU Out Campaign Director, presented the current view of the various “EU Out” Campaigns progress.
There are currently 4 Vacant positions on the English Democrats National Council, if you believe you can assist in the development of the party, then please write to the National Party Secretary – Derek Hilling (Email – Secretary@EngDem.org), please indicate which responsibilities you would consider.

2015-16 English Democrats National Council

English Democrats
National Council Positions 2015/2016
1/ Chairman – National – Robin Tilbrook – (Elected) – Essex
2/ Area Chairman – North East – Kevin Riddiough (Elected)
3/ Area Chairman – North West – Stephen Morris (Elected)
4/ Area Chairman – Yorkshire – David Allen (Co-opted)
5/ Area Chairman – West Midlands – David Lane (Elected)
6/ Area Chairman – East Midlands – Derek Hilling (Elected)
7/ Area Chairman – Eastern Counties – Charles Vickers (Elected)
8/ Area Chairman – South West – Alan England – (Elected)
9/ Area Chairman – Southern Counties – VACANT
10/ Area Chairman – London – Roger Cooper – (Elected)
11/ Area Chairman – South East – Steve Uncles – (Elected)
12/ National Council Member – Colin Porter – (Elected)
13/ National Council Member – Steve Clegg – (Elected)
14/ National Council Member – Jenny Knight – (Elected)
15/ National Council Member – Leon Martin – (Elected)
16/ National Council Member – Bridget Vickers – (Co-opted)
17/ National Council Member – Therese Hirst – (Co-opted)
18/ National Council Member – Graham Moore – (Co-opted)
19/ National Council Member – VACANT
20/ National Council Member – VACANT
21/ National Council Member – VACANT
National Executive Appointments 2015/16
1/ Chairman & Leader – Robin Tilbrook
2/ Party Secretary – Derek Hilling
3/ Party Treasurer – Charles Vickers
4/ Campaign Director – Steve Uncles
5/ Communications Director – Stephen Morris
National Council Appointments 2015/16
6/ Policy Chairman – Therese Hirst
7/ Membership Director – Stephen Morris
8/ Conference Director – Kevin Riddiough
9/ English Voice Editor – Bridget Vickers
10/ EU Out Campaign Director – Jenny Knight
11/ Twitter Director – Graham Moore
12/ Facebook Director – VACANT
13/ Video & Audio (You Tube) Director – Steve Clegg
14/ Fundraising Director – VACANT
15/ Blogging Director – Alan England
16/ Social Events Director – Therese Hirst
17/ Chairman/ Appeals/Complaints Sub-Committee – Roger Cooper