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Political Biography

I joined The English Democrats as they are noted for not being racist. We are nationalists the same as SNP and in general are street politicians who tell it at as it is. English Democrats believe in an English parliament for England, English laws and your colour, race, sexual orientation, religion if any, is not a relevant criterion for being English, your loyalty to England and only England most definitely is!  Remember we have 51 Cities and a population of 53m.  English means you have, want and believe in a fairer just society for the English people. You believe in England and English values.  The English Democrats put England first, it could not be more simple.

Prior to joining UKIP in April 2014 when I was incensed by the BBC (Brussels Broadcasting Corporation) Nick Robinson calling Nigel Farage hypocritical for having a German wife, I had never belonged to a political party.  My POW uncles married German ladies and I have fond memories of my German aunties.  No one is against Europe, we are part of European Continent, although separated by the English channel [well we would be if we filled the tunnel with concrete]. However, I am vehemently opposed to the European Union.  In the same way as I am opposed to the Union of England, Wales, Scotland and NI known more commonly as the UK or Great Britain.  The British Establishment = UK  and UKIP only seeks to save the Establishment as the EU has no use for it.

I soon started having reservations about UKIP;

Firstly, they are not for England, they support the British Establishment.  That premise on its own is a fundamental flaw as it was the British that gave England and its sovereignty away to the EU.  They cannot and should not be trusted with our Country ever again!

Secondly, they fear the press and have positioned some PPC just to appease the press and critics.  They have been warned of certain individuals.

Thirdly, They recycle British Establishment politicians, mainly Tories, but some Labour, whom ever they are, they are not real street politicians. I left UKIP in December 2014.



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