Why Cultural Marxism or Multiculturalism is a Trojan horse:

Why Cultural Marxism or Multiculturalism is a Trojan horse: It is very simple really, if you allow other cultures to co-exist within your Country they bring their “cultural conflicts” with them. Whereas if the Country and it’s own culture is adopted this mostly negates cultural conflicts. It is why England was the place to be during 400 years of non-stop wars in Europe. We as the English accept migrants on the condition they live in peace and promote our Culture not the warring culture they left behind. The English do not care what colour, race, religion or sexuality you are, we only seek our green and fair land be respected and we live together as English, English law, English Identity, one Country, one Culture.

Sikhs, Hindu, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians on the whole adapted to our culture, practicing Sikhs (about 10%) carry a dagger, worn permanently, not in self defence but to protect others. It is never taken off even in the shower or bed. This dagger has rarely been used for anything other than ceremonial and religious doctrine.

Sikhs, Hindu, Jews, Buddhists, Christians separate their religion from politics and law. Muslims, have integrated the least in terms of culture with the west, they do not separate religion from politics, law, or education. This is a major problem for any Country that secularism including atheist or agnostic is the basis of their culture and one that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk the first President of Turkey took very seriously. Atatürk gave women the right to vote and become MPs decades before the British and the Americans, he introduced compulsory free education for children, he educated women, he separated religion from politics and law. He also encouraged the population to stop dressing like 2000-year-old Arabs, dress and wear western cloths. Atatürk took Turkey from a third world Islamic Country and produced modern Turkey, Engineers, Universities, and above all stability.

Christians do not wear the robes and dress that Jesus or Moses wore 2000 years ago. Russians do not wear Viking (yes most Russians are descendants of Vikings) clothing; the English do not wear Saxon clothing. We all moved on!