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Trump, policies, skill set and my view.

What is Trump, he is a property developer and an estate agent. What does he understand more than anything, what is natural to him? Location, Location, Location, he understands what creates value for people and society he knows what creates value on a National and sub National scale, he knows what creates value in society.

Under location, what creates value for an area, JOBS. How do you create local jobs? Answer: low tax rates. Trumps tax policies are very similar to Hong Kong’s English tax system. What is so good about them? Well, they are proven for over 70 years, Hong Kong has embarrassingly high surpluses. So much so, they actually receive interest payments and a revenue stream from the surplus. It is often said, arh but they have no welfare system, yes, that is true. BUT, they could afford one and they choose not too, in fact, they do offer a form of welfare for all, it is called Tax Allowances, so generous to ALL that 65% of the population pays no tax whatsoever. The Hong Kong tax system is often miss quoted as a flat rate tax system, in fact this is wrong. It is an optional flat rate system, the other option, still low, is proportional and progressive. Business people, NOT politicians, run the tax system and the economy. Why are they so competitive? They compete with Singapore and other economies. They believe in positive non-interventionism, Freedom and Free markets.

What does this create, Jobs is the number one creation of this tax system. People then plan and create futures, they spend their money, in their pockets, on the best service delivery, whether that be Health, Education, Homes and above all, mental health improves, why? People have control.

Above all else, Trump knows that low tax systems and positive non-interventionism works and works well for society. You may get a few that are in poverty, but the charities have enough money from tax allowances to cope with them, instead of our current system where there are far more in poverty and they will continue to suffer.

What is the lesson; trust the people not the politicians we need to take back control. We need to stop career politicians and there strangle hold on society they are the real enemy, since 1911 they have created a system where the people suffer, where the people become surfs, where the people have no say. We have been taken back to pre Magna Carta times where the Crown and Politics no longer serve us, we serve them.

40% of the electorate do not vote! Give them someone to vote for.





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