It’s time to eliminate the failing, corrupt, and incompetent political class and bring England back to the people

People, the political class have led us a merry dance.  It is now time to take back our lives, take back OUR society, stop being slaves to these incompetent fools.  Believe in yourselves, I believe in you!  I believe in us, I believe in England.  One England, not divided as it is now.  We can do this as long as we work together as one.

How is it that a political class now rule us, they should serve us? We need to recreate the system that made us great and we can.  We need to remove the five year term of government, we need to have a maximum 2 terms for elected MPs, they must be on minimum wage, sustenance only.  There job is NOT to create jobs in the public sector but to “create an environment” where the private sector jobs flourish.  Where tax systems create jobs, wealth and value, where work pays.  The aim is for a one income earner to provide enough income to support a family home, children and all the family needs.  There goal should be “no state intervention”.

The political class destroyed the north of England, we intend to give the North back its dignity and pride.