The problem with politics are the “career politicians”.

When did we first start to create a political class?  When we started paying them salaries in 1911.  How do I know that? From research of debates on paying MPs salaries at the time.  For example, all references to career politicians and political class stemmed from recent debates but from the fears they voiced in parliament back then.  Yes, clever people, who saw into the future.  They actually cared about democracy and our rights under the Magna Carta.  They feared then the creation of a political class. The very people we elected “over time” have taken away the peoples rights and most people can’t work out why or how.

Well it is simple.  Prior to 1911 we did not pay MPs and of course the poor could not become MPs but, what we had were people that had built Businesses, employed people, knew how to run a Business and the step up to MP was to serve the Country not a party.

Now what happens is that prospective MPs do a politics degree or economic degree, which teach, train their minds how to become and stay elected.  Political Parties then choose from the crop that could become a viable proposition to keep them in power.

How do we stop this?  Simple, the people take back control.  Don’t vote in career politicians only vote for someone that has built a Business, real Businesses not the consultancies we see today.  Actual doers.  Have a limit on the term in office of a maximum of two terms. No pension rights or 40 years in a safe seat.  Above all these new breed of people need to have real life skills.  Did you know that previously if you were an MP and were made a minster you had to resign and become a civil servant?  You had to have experience of your portfolio to be considered.  Now what happens, anyone who is in favour of the PM gets the job, the increase in pay, the life time of protection and pension.  What we get is a downward spiral of our rights being eroded to pre Magna Carta level.  We elected the tax collectors to increase our taxes to waste our money and to increase their salaries at 11% when we cannot afford home or food.  All the homeless and MPs have two homes, paid for by us the working class.

If you agree, join us.  Lets make a stand for England.