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Abuse law to protect children announced by Cameron

This makes me livid and even more determined that Children must be protected as the number one priority in this Country. Cameron says “warped and misguided sense of political correctness” is partly the cause.

The cause in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and many other places of mass child abuse is the “nonces charter” created by The Equality Act 2010 and its preceding Acts of parliament. This act has been misinterpreted [warped and misguided sense of political correctness] too many times and not just in cases of abuse. How many Murders have gone unchallenged through fear of being labelled racist.   It is my view that The Equality Act 2010 needs amending urgently, if it cannot be amended it should be repealed. It is causing heinous crimes to be swept under the carpet.

You do not need a new law. It is simple to resolve it is called perverting the course of Justice and the law exists and carries a life sentence. If you fail to report, arrest or pursue a person that has committed a crime against children and it is your Job to do so, then it is an aggravating factor to be taken into consideration when sentencing. The starting point should be 10 years – life with pensions and bonuses to be removed as axiomatic.

You do not need more laws you need the current laws to be used properly against the perpetrators. FGM is an offence against the person, GBH, section 18 with intent. It carries a life sentence. Murder carries a life Sentence manslaughter carries a life sentence, yet in cases involving ethic minorities as the perpetrator it is swept under the carpet. It has happened many times.

A child abused is a mentally scarred adult for life. Nonces have got away with their crimes and have been protected by the state. If the police, child protection agencies do not act then they have committed and been complicit in child abuse.

Abused children as a consequence, often have mental illness and commit suicide. This is the abuser “murdering by suicide”. If this has happened in any case where there is evidence of abuse, the abuser should be tried for murder.

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