Graham Moore

Graham Moore for Erith and Thamesmead

This constituency covers Abbey Wood (SE2), Plumstead (SE18), Thamesmead Moorings (SE28), Thamesmead East (DA18), Erith (DA8), Northumberland Heath (DA8 ), Belvedere (DA17).

I lived in the borough for 46 years, Schooled here, lived here, worked here. I lived in Thamesmead for 22 years and currently live in Belvedere and have no plans to move from the Borough.

Thamesmead has two Prisons within it, HMP Belmarsh and HMP Thameside I have a special interest in the three principles of detention, the three R’s as set out in the Archibald.  Retribution, Rehabilitation, Reflection.  People can change if engaged with the right people and trainers.   Now, today, the three R’s do not exist.  Only one exists, Retribution coupled with austerity and brutality, our Prison system is a reflection of society, remember that!

Churchill once famously said  “that a society’s attitude to its prisoners, its “criminals”, is the measure of “the stored up strength of a nation”.

The current Prison system has a reoffending rate of 75% in the first year of release.  That is failing victims and quite evidently future victims it is a self perpetrating system where the only real benefit is to the direct operators of the system.  Unlike Norway and Sweden with a reoffending rate of 15% within the first year.

The banking system elite brought the banks to their knees instead of getting “bird” [Prison] they got bonuses.  They cost this Country in the region of £350 Billion, they have systematically robbed us with PPI and various other frauds and not one person has gone to Prison.  It is time we changed the banking system for ever and for the good of the people.

I am a true libertarian that loves England and the people of England.  When you have problems with your systems, don’t shoot the messenger!